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Monday, May 02, 2005

Absolutely Relative Truth

Pilots abide by absolutes. The friendly skies would be a nightmare otherwise.
Doctors practice by absolutes. Otherwise, diagnoses would be sentimental guesswork.
Dentists drill and yank according to absolute information. We would all be toothless otherwise.
Traffic flows according to absolute rules. Otherwise no place would be safe.

The real world could not function without absolutes.

Absolutes are junked in the category of morality alone, since it is inconvenient to hold to them.

Since belief in God necessitates morality, let's just scrap Him as well.
In His place, erect the absolute of self, the ultimate idol, and watch the world descend into chaos.
Bewail the moral crisis, but refuse to correlate it to the jettisoning of absolutes.
On the contrary, the two are indissolubly linked. God says, "If that's what you want, that's what you get." You remove His restraints, and He reciprocates by removing His restraint. The vortex begins.

Enjoy the spiral. In the beginning it is wide and slow and the daring is enjoyable. It picks up momentum even as it narrows. Soon your life is out of control. Do not complain when society lives by the dictum that there are no moral absolutes. That child kidnapper, rapist and murderer? You have actually got nothing to say to him. Canonise Hitler and vilify Mother Theresa, for you have no actual basis for judgement.

The solution is to abdicate the throne of your life, and enthrone the rightful King, accepting His absolutes.